Freedom, Energy,


Awaken the strongest Self     in you!

You can't ignore it anymore.


That inner restlessness, That nagging feeling.

You know you need to make a change.

Because right now, the work you’re doing is draining you dry, driving you crazy and stressing you out.

You want to get off the treadmill, break free from outdated structures and finally do what you are here for to do. Even if you're not sure what this might be.

Come on, find the courage and talk with me!
Give me half an hour – it doesn’t cost you anything but some time that you invest in yourself.

My name is Gabriela Senn and for many years I’ve helped professionals such as yourself to spark their inner fire, free themselves from what holds them back, live their lives to the fullest, all by making a contribution to the world they can be proud of.

What if:

  • your days were filled with purpose, passion and enthusiasm?
  • you could convert your stress into energy?
  • your challenges become a game that's fun and the rules of wich you determine yourself?
  • you no longer have to chase your goals, but effortlessly achieve everything you want? Staying true to yourself

Sounds too good to be true?

No, this IS possible!

When we work together, you will

  • Get clear and connected to the work that holds the key to your happiness, fulfillment, and ability to make a difference.
  • Dissolve the fears, doubts, and old beliefs that keep you stuck and shackled to ​outdated stuctures.
  • Become crystal clear and completely confident in your choices, decisions and new direction.
  • Know the best way to transition out the old and into the new with certainty, clarity and ease.
  • Come completely alive with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and enthusiasm for your life and your work.

Sign up now for a free 30-minute consultation. Together we will take a close look a your current situation and determine if and how I can support you.

I look forward to talking   with you!


The coaching with Gabriela is extremely valuable to me!



I value her as a competent sparring partner who is empathetic, quickly grasps the essentials and gives solution-oriented inputs. As a result of the coaching I am much calmer and more serene and able to deal with challenges in a more sovereign way. I feel more grounded and happier and the sometimes conflicting aspects of my personality got harmonized.

Gabriela is an exceptional coach and an inspiring personality and works with creative and state-of-the-art methods that are optimally adapted to the needs of the coachee. I can recommend her whole-heartedly.

Gabriela is really great!


Regional Head Russia and Western CIS at PTC
Therapeutics Inc., Moldawien

There are no words in this big world to thank Gabriela for these two days of career coaching. Gabriela is really great!!

She is an excellent coach with very deep knowledge and understanding of people with strong powers for their transformation.

Coaching with Gabriela offers real added value.

giovanni porcelli

digital and Social Media Manager Volvo Car Switzerland, Zürich

Coaching with Gabriela offers real added value. It not only promotes self-reflexion but helps to take major steps and put them into practice.

Self-confidence is strengthened and self-perception refined with the various tools and excercises that Gabriela uses. I can absolutely recommend her to all who want to get on with their work and life.

Personal growth and positive changes are guaranteed!



Gabriela is an awesome woman who lives her calling and is extremely good in her role as a coach. She is very solution-oriented and quickly identifies the root cause of a problem.


She helps the client get a deeper understanding of the situation, put together the missing puzzle pieces while accompanying you step by step to put the findings into practice. Personal growth and positive changes are guaranteed!

You don't have to be great to start,

but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

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